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How To Become A Member

Becoming a member of The Sietch is easy. There are several ways to do so. All current members have chosen one of these options.

1. Contribute news stories; company spotlights, articles or other content to The Sietch.

2. Contribute at least 10 hours of your time to a worthy cause. Volunteer at a local food bank, help someone in need, clean up a beach, anything that is positive for the world. Document your time spent volunteering and submit a story about it to us.

3. Spend at least 100 dollars of your own money (or the international equivalent) towards a worthy positive social cause. Document how your money is going to be spent and submit a story about it to The Sietch. (Note DO NOT send The Sietch ANY money, the 100$ is to be spent BY YOU towards a good cause, The Sietch does not accept money from its members, also be aware that not all organizations are what they seem. We suggest that you research the organization before you spend any money.)

4. If you feel you have an idea that fits in with the mission of The Sietch that you do not see here contact us and we will see about adding it into the ways to become a member. All contributions will make you a member. However we reserve the right to not post your submitted content or to edit it, all edits will be run by the person who submitted the content before final posting.

The Sietch runs on the honor system, we trust you and hope you will trust us.The Sietch is a community of friends, and as such there is little if any monetary benefit to joining The Sietch. However the community is growing rapidly and as it grows the things we are able to do to cause positive social change grow as well. When we reach a certain level of members we will be able to use our great numbers to cause massive positive social change. For now we can share knowledge, support each other's goals, and help to start grass roots projects for positive social change.

Contact us for submission details.

UPDATE: You can now join The Sietch Blog, without becoming a member of The Sietch. You still need to become a member in order to get your own member page, and members get more blog posting options. 

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