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Hydrogen/Fuel Cell News

  • Tax Code of Honor: US Congress Must Choose a Clean Energy Future
    Senate Finance Committee Chairman Wyden has officially begun consideration of legislation to reinstate a suite of tax credits that big polluters and their allies succeeded in getting Congress to let expire, including vital, commonsense policies that promote clean energy.
  • Open Innovation & Solar: A New Horizon Emerges in the Heart of Coal Country
    Many visions have been laid out and developed over the years that point towards what economist Jeremy Rifken calls the Third Industrial Revolution: a network economy where the entire system is interactive, integrated and seamless. This integration of energy sources is presently and will continue to create whole new opportunities for cross-industry
  • Solar Decathlon Houses Make Up a Solar Village to Test Microgrid Technology
    In yet one more example of the rising interest in how microgrids that incorporate renewable energy and energy storage will change the energy landscape, Missouri University of Science and Technology (MST) has created what it says is the first ?Solar Village? in the U.S.
  • Fuel-Cell Technology Boom Hampered by Need for Platinum, GE Says
    General Electric Co. studied fuel cells and determined the technology is too dependent on platinum to be more than a niche product.
  • US Driving Research on Hydrogen Fuel Cells
    Hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) were the belles of the ball at recent auto shows in Los Angeles and Tokyo, and researchers at the Energy Department's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) continue to play a key part in improving performance and durability while driving down costs.
  • ExxonMobil Acknowledges Climate Change to Shareholders
    We don?t cover climate change news all that much here on The reason for that is that we view climate change as just one bullet point in a list of reasons why renewable energy make sense: energy independence, grid stability through decentralized generation and resource depletion are also on that list. But yesterday we recei
  • Renewable Energy Brings Out Some Extreme Nimbyism
    You may have heard of extreme preppers. These are people who spend a large portion of their time preparing themselves, their homes and their families for what they believe is an inevitable disaster resulting from an economic meltdown, the spread of a deadly virus, climate change or another catastrophic event.  And hey, you never know, in the end th
  • Up All Night: US Senate To Address Climate Change Options
    More than two dozen legislators are pulling an all-nighter tonight (Monday March 10) on the Senate floor to talk about climate change and what actions must be taken.
  • PJM Grid Operators: We Can Handle 30 Percent Renewable Energy Integration, An...
    Experts believe that the PJM Interconnection system, which encompasses all or parts of Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia, can handle up to 30 percent of its energy from wind and solar without "any significant reliability issues," assuming transmission upgrades and additional regulation reserves ? and at the same time reducing costs and reliance on its costlier conventional generation fleet.
  • Another Renewables-Limiting Tax Reform Proposal Launches Into Statis
    This week House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) announced his version of draft legislation to simplify the U.S. tax code, dubbed the "Tax Reform Act of 2014," which has some decidedly negative implications for renewable energy -- that is, if any of it makes it through Congressional compromise.
  • Solar-Induced Hybrid Fuel Cell Produces Electricity Directly from Biomass
    Although low temperature fuel cells powered by methanol or hydrogen have been well studied, existing low temperature fuel cell technologies cannot directly use biomass as a fuel because of the lack of an effective catalyst system for polymeric materials.
  • US State of the Union 2014: A Back Seat for Renewable Energy
    Broader domestic social issues and an international policy that moves away from "a permanent war footing" took center stage in President Obama's State of the Union address (SOTUS) last night. Domestic energy policies, including renewable energy, largely took a back seat to the President's bigger talking points: hiking the minimum wage for federal contractors, urging final immigration reforms, strong pushes in employment and job-training, education, retirement savings, and healthcare.
  • Renewable Energy?s Hottest Conversations of 2013
    Here at, we pride ourselves on our active community of readers who click, share, and comment on the articles that we post every day. While we don?t always agree with their take on the pieces we post, we always value constructive feedback and the high quality discussion that sometimes ensues.

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