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A community of friends changing the world for the better

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Welcome To The Sietch

A community of friends changing the world for the better.

What is a Sietch?

Sietch is a word from Frank Herbert’s Dune books. It means,

"A place of sanctuary in times of danger"

Pronounced s-E-tch, the sietch was the centerpiece of the community, the central location for all goings on. That is just what we are trying to create here. 

Why form an online version of a fictional place?

After thinking about it for a long time, we realized that it was pointless to hide away from the world, and besides building our own cave was way outside of the budget. So instead we formed this community in the hopes of changing the world for the better. Making a world that no one would need sanctuary from. 

Simple right? 

The members of The Sietch are committed to educating and enlightening people all over the world to the growing need for ordinary people to start doing something about the problems that face the world today.  We do this by being an important source of information for people who are ready to make a change and need a little help.

We are able to make real changes by promoting and educating policy makers and the public at large. We believe that the only way to avoid the possibly drastic consequences of business as usual is to get out there and change the world. The members of The Sietch are out there every day changing the world for the better.

Who are the members of The Sietch?

Our Members and contributors all have a history in some aspect of positive change. From composting, to wind farms, we all have our areas of interest, and we are here to help you. The Sietch is a community of friends, we work together to change the world. If you woke up this morning and saw something you wish was better, you are ready to join. The Sietch is always growing. Join today and start making the world a better place.

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