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Name: Andy Collier CET
Region: PEI, Canada
Language(s) Spoken: English and a smattering of French
Citizenship('s): Canada
Nationality: Canadian

About Me:

I've spent half of my life working in the construction/design/inspection building industries and as such when I began to take more and more interest in environmental issues in my early 20's a natural focus for me was green buildings. This has led to my wife and I to building a strawbale, passive solar home in the country this summer (2007). Our other interests lie in gardening and self sufficiency, learning about local and native plants and animals and their interrelationships and community supported agriculture and commerce. As far as charities I support, Habitat for Humanity annual barn build and the Canadian Cancer Societies Relay for Life are two perrienal event I support and I have supported Greenpeace but have decided to switch to a more local charity the Island Nature Land Trust and a more hands on charit, OXFAM. Our future plans are to help other people who want to build with greener technologies and teaching people about nature in general.

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