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Name:  Shane Jordan
Region: New England USA
Language(s) Spoken: English
Citizenship('s): United States
Nationality: American (US)

About Me:

I got the idea for this site one night when I couldn't sleep.  I am an avid reader of all of Frank Herbert's Dune books.  While up late one night reading Dune for the 20th or so time I thought to myself, "wouldn't it be great if there really were such places as Sietchs that people could go to when they felt the weight of the world bearing down on them."  After a couple of days of pondering over how I would build my own cave, I came to realize that the answer was not to hide from the world, but to make it a place I wouldn't want to hide from.  That is why I built The Sietch.  Its a place for people to come together and combine there efforts towards positive change.
    Besides spending way too much time working on this site, I like to read, be outside, invent, garden, draw, laugh and have fun.  I am very political and try to keep up to date on all the many goings on in Washington DC and locally.   I have been a vegetarian for a little over three years now and enjoy cooking up delicious meals.    I have been a high school teacher, a trail builder, a resident advisor, and a host of other crazy jobs.  The last couple years I have volunteered my time with AmeriCorps. 


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