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Name:  Michele Palmer
Region: USA
Language(s) Spoken: English
Citizenship('s): United States/Brazil
Nationality: American (US)

About Me:

I like Einstein because he was never good at math and because he has quotes like the following: “Out of clutter ... find simplicity. From discord . . . find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” Yes, the world is a mess and full of destruction at the hands of shortsighted greedy people, but like Shane noted in his profile, those of us who find this upsetting cannot all abscond into caves, although it may be tempting. We can all do what we can to help create harmony in the middle of the discord around us. Yay for The Sietch! I am currently an AmeriCorps volunteer/environmental protector. Within this program, I’m working on a study of nitrates in drinking water and helping with sustainable aquaculture in a town near where I live on Cape Cod. I enjoy alternative forms of transportation, especially riding my bike, carpooling and riding the fungwah bus. I also enjoy removing invasive plant species, such as bittersweet, with my tool of choice, the handsaw. I would like to pursue a master’s degree combining public health, the environment, and sustainable community development. Long-term future plans include continuing to serve and to search for the most effective ways to better the state of the world.


Ocean Arks International: If you’re interested in ecological design and sustainable water treatment, check this out. Its rad.