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Birdhouses with SeniorCorps

Teaming up with the SeniorCorps of cape cod, and AmeriCorps, Sietch members recently helped to create Big BirdHousewooden birdhouses.  These birdhouses were part of an ongoing plan to provide habitat for small birds on the Otis Air Force base.  SeniorCorps is a program in which retired individuals can contribute up to four years of their time to providing service to the community.  They are a great group that proves that just because you get older doesn’t mean you can’t stop giving back to the community. 

In fact these highly energetic individuals contribute more than most young people.  They are an invaluable addition to the community.  The wood was cut by the SeniorCorps members and then assembled by Sietch members and AmeriCorps members. A good time was had by all; we even got to see a frozen snake that had, regrettably, been the victim of trash.  It had crawled into a beer can someone had left on the beach and gotten stuck.  The SeniorCorps members where keeping it frozen so it could be sent to a lab for testing. 

It was amazing to be able to converse with people older and wiser than us.  We learned so much from them about life, how to stay active, and really what life is all about.  Getting out there and getting good things done!  I can only hope that when I am that old I will be able to remain so active and be able to give so much back to the world.  It was an honor to be able to create positive change along side such a wonderful group.



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