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Blitz Week at Thompsons Field

Thompson's field is an old farm that has been preserved as an open space sanctuary.  It comprises some 93 acres of open prairie, wooded area, and wild flowers.  The area is home to many birds that live only in open grassy plains like environments.   It is also home to many hikers and walkers daily as it is one of the few places around that people can come and see these wonderful habitats up close.  The only problem is that invasive species like bitter sweet, and bush honey suckle have invaded the open fields.  For an entire week, Sietch members, along with AmeriCorps Cape Cod, and local school volunteers, "blitzed" these bio-nastys.  It was one of our most fun and successful projects yet.  We removed thousands of invasive plants, as well as several hundred pounds of old scrap metal and garbage.  One of the real rewards however was seeing how happy all the local school kids were to be helping out.  The had so much fun tearing out the invasive plants, and learning about ecology.  It was a wonderful event.

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