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Installing Symbolic Fencing At Sandy Neck

by The Naib

Every year with the coming of the spring weather the Piping Plovers return to Cape Cod. Piping plovers are tiny shore birds that nest along rocky beach fronts.

They make their nest in the open sand, but because of their excellent camouflage skills most people and predators can not see the next even when standing right next to it.

Because these animals are endangered and because their nests are so hard to see, every year the people who manage sandy neck beach on Cape Cod install over 6 miles of symbolic fencing to keep people and cars from destroying these tiny creatures by accident.

Installing 6 miles of fence is not a complicated task, drop pole, dig hole, put pole in hole, repeat for six miles. When you are done with that you string six miles of rope through the holes in the poles. Its not complicated but its a lot of work.

This year Sietch members along with AmeriCorps Cape Cod teamed up to help the good people at sandy neck install the fences. It rained and it was cold, but we had a wonderful time. Now when the masses of tourist come this summer they will not unwittingly stumble into plover nesting areas.


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