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Pollarding Trees With The Audubon

One fine winter day Sietch members and AmeriCorps Cape Cod teamed up to help the Audubon Society of Cape Cod do a bit of pollarding.  Pollarding is the act of cutting off all of a trees new growth.  It is a forestry method that has been used for hundreds of years. 

 In thepollarding trees middle ages pollarding was used to harvest wood from a tree without killing it.  It is also used to reduce new growth on fruit trees so that the fruit is concentrated in an easier to pick area.  The technique is labor intensive and was a perfect job for Sietchview from above members.  The Audubon Society of cape cod has many lands that it manages as habitat for birds.  One such land is Long Pasture.  The land used to be a farm and is now conservation land. 

Sietch members did a great job of removing all the new having fungrowth from several large apple trees.  The technique is most often done during the winter or early spring while the trees are dormant.  As you can see we had a lot of fun!





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