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Solar Teachers Workshop

The main challenge to the acceptance of renewable energy technologies is the fact that people don't know they exist.  If you don't know that solar panels are capable of powering your home, when it comes time to build your next home you wont even consider putting them on the roof!  With this in mind The Sietch thought it would be a good idea to start young by educating students about solar technology.  The fastest way to do this was to teach the teachers, so they could teach the students.  That's a lot of teaching!  Partnering with Cape & Islands Self Reliance, a local non-profit, Sietch members put on a three day teachers workshop.  Teachers learned how solar panels worked, how wind turbines functioned, and a refresher course on some basic electronics.   They got to build their own solar battery charger, as well as several other take home projects.  Everyone had a great time and learned  a lot.  These teachers will take this knowledge back to their students and continue the positive change.  With a little luck students will be going home to their parents and telling them all about solar panels.  A renewable energy revolution in the making!  These sort of workshops are key to educating the public that renewable energy is ready for prime time.  The Sietch thanks the teachers who showed up for letting us have so much fun while everyone learned all about solar energy. 


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