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What a bright idea!

So its summer and its hot out. You want to have some nice tea. The last thing you want to do is heat up the house by turning on the oven. Lucky for you there is a giant ball of thermonuclear fire 10 light minutes away that has plenty of heat to spare.

Materials needed:


This whole project took about an hour.


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Make your own sun tea

Making sun tea is pretty easy. First find yourself some tea, some sugar (if like me you like sweet tea) and a container.

Note the strawberry juice all over the sugar from the making of strawberry short cake. But that is another project.

Read the side of the tea box, our tea said about 1 cup of water for each tea bag. So measure out enough water for how much tea you want to make.

Then tie the tea bags together and drop them in.

You can then put the top on, use a bit of cling wrap and a rubber band. This lets lots of sun in the top, and holds the tea bags up. Then find a nice sunny spot and set your tea out. I used this electric do-dad because the top gets hot and is not in the shade.

The teas starts to "tea up" right away. At this point it is best to go play in the grass, or see a movie, or do something fun.When you come back your tea will be all done.

Note the dark rich tea color...mmmm good! Take it inside and prepare to taste, for me that's a LOT of sugar and some lemon.
Some like it chilled with ice, however you like it you can know you saved a little bit of c02 by using the sun instead of the stove.