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  • What Business Are Electric Utilities In?
    Many businesses can now perform the traditional functions of an electric utility ? provide affordable, reliable, resilient power to homes and businesses. The barriers to entry in the business have fallen. For instance, a home with rooftop solar panels, batteries, and gas-based generators may choose to be grid-independent. Even when homes decide to remain grid-tied, utilities face falling demand and revenue, and the possibility of future grid-defection. Further, competing electricity solutions can emerge quickly, and not one-home-at-a-time ? microgrids can offer community, village, or campus-level solutions.
  • Non-Hydro Renewable Electricity Outshines All Other Sources and Grows 11 Perc...
    According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)'s latest "Electric Power Monthly" report, with data through the end of 2014, net electrical generation from non-hydro renewable energy sources (i.e., biomass, geothermal, solar, wind) increased by 10.9 percent over the previous year.
  • SunEdison Adds Batteries to Its Arsenal with Acquisition of Solar Grid Storage
    The renewable energy market has been slowly strengthening ties with energy storage, and it now seems to be tying a secure knot. Wind and solar developer SunEdison announced today that it bought the energy storage team, projects and 100-MW pipeline of Pennsylvania-based Solar Grid Storage (SGS).
  • Large-scale Solar Reaches Nearly 36 Gigawatts in 2014
    Global utility-scale PV added 14.2 GW in 2014 doubling 2013 totals and bringing total global generating capacity to 35.9 GW in 2014, according to figured released by Wiki-Solar. The 2014 additions equate to the entire installed capacity at the end of 2012, demonstrating recent massive growth.
  • Utilities Stymie Japan?s Solar Developers Over Grid Connections
    New entrants to Japan?s solar power market are being told they may be unable to sell all the power to Japan?s utilities that their projects can produce.
  • Tesla, Toyota, and Open Patents: The Hype and the Hope
    In recent months, a veritable open patent war has erupted between Tesla Motors and Toyota. Both companies have been widely cited in the industry and financial press for their respective announcements opening up their electric vehicle (Tesla) and fuel cell (Toyota) patents. Tesla CEO Elon Musk opened the first salvo with a blog post last June in which he announced that Tesla would ?not initiate patent lawsuits against anyone who, in good faith, wants to use our technology.?
  • 5 Solar Asset Management Predictions for 2015
    2014 was the year when many owner/operators started to realize the importance of solar asset management. 2015 marks the year where for the first time there is an industry conference dedicated to the topic. The solar installed base is growing, the market is getting more mature and consolidation is starting. These are our five predictions for 2015.
  • Can a State's Solar Market Start Without It?
    In about half of U.S. states, an individual or business can have solar installed on their roof owned by someone else, and either buy the power or lease the array from that third party. These power purchase or lease models drastically simplify the process of going solar (at a price), avoiding the work of managing tax credits, utility or state rebate
  • SolarCity Lawsuit Alleges Arizona Utility?s Fee Hurts Solar
    SolarCity Corp., the biggest U.S. rooftop solar installer, sued Salt River Project, alleging the Tempe, Arizona-based utility?s new pricing policy will ?punish customers who choose to go solar.?
  • Solar Fred?s Short Guide to Solar Marketing Brevity
    This solar marketing post is going to be purposely brief, and you will probably appreciate that. Why Brevity Is Important Solar marketing brevity is so important today because we have so much more information, data, and distractions in both of our offline and online worlds, yet we?re restricted to the same number of hours in the day. We may hate to
  • To Shift Middle East Away from Nuclear Track, U.S. Should Invest in Solar Par...
    The Middle East is on track toward a nuclear proliferation nightmare as Iranian officials have expressed their intent to vastly expand Iran?s domestic nuclear enrichment capacity by the beginning of the next decade, Saudi Arabia is pursuing its own nuclear program, and Russia has just announced plans to partner with Egypt on the development of ?an
  • Ten Clean Energy Stocks For 2015: A Fine February
    After a rough start to the year, My Ten Clean Energy Stocks for 2015 posted a strong recovery in February.
  • Share Your Insight. Submit an abstract to speak at Renewable Energy World Nor...

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