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  • Power REIT: Light at the End of the Tunnel?
    I first became interested in Power REIT (NYSE MKT:PW) in 2012 because of the company's plans to become what would have been the first US-listed "yieldco," i.e. a clean energy power producer paying a high level of reliable dividends to investors. The company was an infrastructure Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) with a single asset: its subsidiary, Pittsburgh & West Virginia Railway (P&WV) which owned 122 miles of track leased to Norfolk Southern Corp. (NYSE:NSC), which had in turn subleased the track to Wheeling & Lake Erie (WLE.)
  • Get Out Your Carving Kits: DOE Offers Renewable Energy-themed Pumpkin Designs
    The DOE is always looking for ways to make renewable energy appealing. To that end, they?ve proffered up some ideas to incorporate green energy into the classic Halloween tradition of pumpkin carving. Conveniently, October is also National Energy Action Month, so you?d get double brownie points for picking one of their designs. The options include:
  • Are Environmental Regulations Causing US Utility Bills to Surge?
    U.S. electricity markets face years of higher prices as clean-air regulations shut more coal-fired power plants than earlier forecast, cutting supply and forcing producers to rely more on natural gas.
  • Poor Nations Go for Solar, Wind at Twice the Pace of Rich Ones
    Emerging markets are installing renewable energy projects at almost twice the rate of developed nations, a report concluded.
  • China Racing To Install Wind Power Before Government Subsidies Run Out
    China is on course this year to build four times the total wind power installed in all of Denmark as developers push to build the turbines ahead of cuts to incentives originally designed to spur the industry.
  • From Ashes to Energy: $1 Billion Alevo Battery Factory Surges On the Scene
    Having worked in stealth mode for the past 10 years, German researchers and serial entrepreneur Jostein Eikeland have developed a new battery chemistry that they claim is non-combustible and highly efficient. The batteries, say Alevo, have at their core a new inorganic electrolyte that eliminates ?both the risk of combustion and explosion and massively reduces the debilitating effects of charging cycles.?
  • Making the Blade Photoessay: How and Where Wind Turbines Get Their Swoosh
    An industrial wind turbine is a complex machine made up of hundreds of moving parts, but it takes just three of them to make the magic possible: the blades.
  • Batteries Are a Crucial Component of Our Energy Portfolio
    People take batteries for granted, typically worrying about them only when they fail in the electronic devices they carry or in the cars they drive.
  • EU Leaders Agree To Tough Carbon Regulations to Spur Renewable Energy Develop...
    European Union leaders backed the most-ambitious carbon emissions goals of any major economy, in a bid to crank up pressure on the U.S. and China ahead of climate talks in December.
  • SolarWorld To US Solar Developers: ?We Want the Same Things?
    When Rhone Resch opened Solar Power International 2014 by telling the industry that it needs to fight for solar the same way that the Koch Brothers fight for coal, he probably wasn?t thinking about SolarWorld and its fight with China over what it says are unfair manufacturing subsidies. But, at least according to Ben Santarris, Strategic Affairs Director for SolarWorld Americas and Tim Brightbill of the law firm WileyRein, fighting for its industry is exactly what SolarWorld is doing.
  • Australia Seeks to Reduce Renewable Energy Target to ?Real? 20 Percent
    Prime Minister Tony Abbott?s government will negotiate with the opposition to cut Australia?s renewable energy target and exempt industries such as aluminum and copper smelting.
  • California?s Conservation Proposal Kneecaps Utility-scale Solar
    Six years in the making, state and federal agencies released five options with a ?Preferred Alternative? draft for the Desert Renewable Energy and Conservation Plan (DRECP), potentially kneecapping development in the best solar region in the U.S. by cutting off previous access to public lands and reducing eligible acreage by two thirds.
  • Designing Reliable, Cost-effective Wind Turbine Shaft Systems
    A wind turbine?s main shaft requires a reliable bearing for operation. Some bearing designs have been known to fail prematurely resulting in costly maintenance repairs. Recent upgrades and advances in bearing designs increase reliability, and ensure main shaft stability. Selecting the proper bearing is beneficial to a wind turbine?s overall performance.

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