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Wind Power News

  • Wind Energy Provides More Than Two-Thirds of New US Generating Capacity in Oc...
    According to the latest "Energy Infrastructure Update" report from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's (FERC) Office of Energy Projects, wind power provided over two-thirds (68.41 percent) of new U.S. electrical generating capacity in October 2014. Specifically, five wind farms in Colorado, Kansas, Michigan, Nebraska, and Texas came on line last month, accounting for 574 MW of new capacity.
  • China Curtails Less Wind Energy in 2014
    Latest data from China's National Energy Administration shows that 8.85 GW of new wind power capacity was installed in the first nine months of 2014, bringing its total capacity to nearly 85 GW, a year-on-year increase of 22 percent. Accounting for 6.6 percent of China's total installed power capacity, wind exceeds nuclear power in installed capacity and electricity production, has become the third major power source following coal and hydro.
  • Shining a Light on Women Leaders in the Power Industry
    In early 2013, a group of women, dubbed the Women in Power committee, assembled in Orlando, Florida to figure out how to honor women who have dedicated their careers to the power industry. The industry is male-dominated with men making up more than 75 percent of the workforce, according to estimates.
  • A Small Town in Germany Becomes a Testing Ground for a Smart Grid
    A small German town in southern Bavaria is participating in an interesting experiment proving that a high-renewables future is viable. Wildpoldsried (pop. 2,600) currently produces 500 percent more energy than it needs through renewable energy systems, and sells the surplus power back to the grid.
  • Australia Residents Protest Wind Turbines as Government Upholds Fossil Use
    Tony Hill moved from inner-city Canberra to a tree-filled valley five years ago to find serenity in the nearby Australian bush. Now he fears his idyllic vista will soon be marred by 50-storey-high wind turbines.
  • SunEdison/TerraForm Power Buy First Wind For $2.4 Billion To Achieve Renewabl...
    In a surprising diversification move, SunEdison has launched into the wind sector and positioned itself to be the world?s largest renewable energy development company. Yesterday morning, SunEdison announced that it is joining with its indirect subsidiary TerraForm Power to purchase First Wind for US $2.4 billion, in a ?very complex but very value added deal,? said Ahmad Chatila, the president and chief executive officer of SunEdison, based in Maryland Heights, Mo.
  • The 51st State Forum Is Now Open ? Share Your Ideal Energy Market
    Innovators are, almost by nature, impatient people. What?s here and now is never good enough; they must tinker with it, always looking ahead to how they would do it differently or better.  So, when the first articles appeared about the Solar Electric Power Association?s 51st State Initiative on clean tech websites, including
  • Inflatable Offshore Wind Turbine Service Habitat Launched
    An inflatable habitat that attaches to platforms for servicing the blades of wind turbines has been launched by GEV Wind Power.
  • France Ploughs Ahead with Renewable Energy While Australia Scales Back Clean ...
    While France has set ambitious targets to increase the share of renewables in its total energy consumption, Australia has taken a contrasting approach by repealing its 2011 Clean Energy Act, which established the carbon pricing mechanism, according to Pranav Srivastava, an analyst with research and consulting firm GlobalData.
  • Wind Tax Credit Under Attack as Congress Split on Lapsed Breaks
    The new era in Congress may mean trouble for some old tax breaks. The wind energy tax credit, championed by environmentalists, Democrats, a few Republicans and companies including General Electric Co. and Siemens AG, may be imperiled as its most important backers in Congress lose clout.
  • Obama to Pledge $3 Billion for Climate Change Fund
    President Barack Obama will pledge $3 billion to a United Nations climate-change fund that?s intended to help poor nations boost renewable energy and counter the ill effects of global warming.
  • Peru to Unveil Plans for Renewable Power Auction
    Peru?s government is set to announce plans for a renewable-energy auction during a global climate conference to be held next month in Lima.
  • Wind Energy Fellowships: Renewable Energy Credits Are Supporting Education
    The wind turbine on the University of Delaware?s Hugh R. Sharp Campus in Lewes has yielded many benefits in its first four years of operation, including generating clean energy for the campus and community, helping train students in turbine maintenance, testing new equipment, and supporting research studies.

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