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  • UPDATE: Cape Wind in Jeopardy as Two Utilities Seek to Terminate Power Purcha...
    The skies are looking grayer for the Cape Wind offshore wind project as reports indicate that the developer has dropped contracts to buy land and facilities just two weeks after utilities terminated power purchase agreements (PPAs) due to missed deadlines.
  • U.S. Wind Power Installations Swelled Sixfold in 2014
    Installations of wind power in the U.S. surged sixfold last year, making it the largest market for the technology worldwide after China.
  • India Clean Energy Investments Rose 13 Percent to $7.9 Billion in 2014
    Clean energy investments in India increased to $7.9 billion last year and are expected to surpass $10 billion in 2015.
  • Photoessay: A Day in the Life of a Wind Farm Operator
    Have you ever wondered what it takes to run a wind farm? You?ve seen all the amazing photos taken from the tops of turbines, but do you know what the technician is actually doing up there?
  • Obama's State of the Union Speech Highlights US Renewable Achievements, Clima...
    President Obama has been under intense scrutiny for what he would do about climate change ever since he was elected in 2008. Part of that scrutiny takes place during his State of the Union Speech, when renewable energy proponents search for key words about solar and wind energy and count how often he mentions "climate change."
  • Uncovering Green Alternative Energy Mutual Funds
    Not all alternative energy mutual funds are created equal. In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, a reporter asked me which alternative energy mutual funds were the most focused on renewables, noting that many mutual funds hold non-energy related companies such as Apple, PepsiCo and Google. The answer to this question is not as straight forward as one might think. This article sorts out which mutual funds are truly invested in the dynamic and growing green energy sector, and which ones are more peripheral.
  • 2014 Was a Pivotal Year for Germany's Energiewende
    What a difference a year makes: Germany's transition to renewable energy showed positive forward momentum, with increasing energy production from renewables, increased exports, decreased carbon emissions, and decreasing consumer prices. The ruling German CDU-SPD coalition is now pushing energy producers to improve on a new front: efficiency.  2014
  • Energy Storage Safety Plan Addresses Gaps in Codes, Standards, and Regulations
    The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Electric Delivery and Energy Reliability?s (OE) recently released ?Strategic Plan for Energy Storage Safety? is helping industry stakeholders and regulators address a significant gap in safety codes, standards and regulations (CSRs) for grid-scale energy storage technologies, according to Vincent Sprenkle, chief engineer, electrochemical energy storage and conversion, Pacific Northwestern National Laboratory.
  • Renewable Energy Will Shrug Off Oil Slump, Say Analysts
    Spending on renewable energy, which surged 16 percent in 2014, will remain strong this year, largely unaffected by the slumping oil prices that have artificially depressed their shares.
  • Germany?s Largest Utilities Take Diverging Views on Power Prices
    Germany?s two largest generators appear to have radically different views about where power prices are going after a record slump.
  • Wind Must Cut Costs in Face of Cheap Crude
    Crude oil prices have dropped to their lowest levels for six years, at under $50 a barrel. If they stay low throughout 2015 then it will cause headaches for the wind sector.
  • Renewable Energy and Chilean Mines: A Market Overview
    For a relatively new and untested renewable-energy market, Chile has a remarkable number of strengths. The country has incredibly attractive solar resources, according to Joel Link, vice president of development and global head of mining development for SolarReserve. ?The Atacama Desert, in northern Chile, has arguably the world?s strongest solar resource,? he says, noting that this area also happens to be home to the lion?s share of the country?s mining activities.
  • Alaska Energy Authority and Kodiak Electric Association Developing a 99 Perce...
    With support from the Alaska Renewable Energy Fund, strong local leadership, and sustained effort, the Kodiak Electric Association (KEA), a cooperative electric utility, has achieved over 99 percent renewable energy electric generation in the town of Kodiak, Alaska. KEA has developed a renewable energy grid that includes hydro power, wind, and batt

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