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Wind Power News

  • Google Signs Up to Buy 407 Megawatts of Buffett?s Wind Power
    Google Inc. agreed to buy 407 megawatts of wind power from Warren Buffett?s MidAmerican Energy Holdings Co., the technology company?s largest deal to date for renewable energy.
  • The Opportunity to Overturn Three Costly Values in Our Energy System
    Earlier this year I worked as an election judge for the city of Minneapolis.  It was the city?s second experience with ranked choice voting, a system where instead of voting for a single candidate, you get to pick your top three choices.  If your first choice candidate is mathematically eliminated from winning, your vote is reallocated to your seco
  • German Utilities Fight Renewable Energy Shift
    Germany?s biggest utilities face dwindling market shares as the shift torenewable energy spurs regional power generation and storage technology, a senior member of Chancellor Angela Merkel?s party said.
  • China Reiterates Plans to Boost Clean Energy
    China, the world?s biggest investor in renewable energy, reiterated plans to boost construction of solar and wind power plants along with projects to transmit electricity from the clean sources.
  • The Big Wind Energy Drive Train Technology Debate
    In the wind power industry, the debate on which generator and converter option makes for the best modern wind turbine drive trains is still raging. Numerous technology experts and industry commentators promote the use of the double-fed induction generator technology, whilst expressing doubts about the advantages of the permanent magnet generator (PMG) approach. The Switch wants to set the record straight and explain why PMG with a full-power converter (FPC) is by far the best technology, regardless of which key decision-making criteria you use.
  • Renewable Energy May Help Ukraine Abandon Russian Gas
    Despite political instability and economical problems, Ukraine is pursuing the development of renewable energy in order to reduce dependence on gas supplies and economic pressures from Russia.
  • Ukraine Seeks Renewable Energy Investors to Loosen Russia?s Grip
    Ukrainian officials say they?ve found a way to protect the nation from Russia: Go green.
  • Clean Energy Investment Rises 9 Percent, Led by Solar-Power Demand
    Clean energy investment rose by 9 percent in the first quarter from a year earlier on surging demand for rooftop solar panels from the U.S. to Japan.
  • CEO of German Utility RWE Says It Should Have Invested in Renewable Energy So...
    What?s a beleaguered utility to do when forced by the government to close its profitable nuclear power plants?
  • Distributed Generation Shines in Thailand
    Electricity generation today is moving towards a more decentralised model where generation is close to demand. Possible benefits are diminished transmission and distribution losses and investments, improved energy efficiency, and increased security of supply. Implementing a large central power plant is extremely challenging in terms of site availability, as well as public concern about environmental issues.
  • When Renewables Meet the Oil and Gas Industry, Opposites Attract
    At first glance, pairing renewable energy with the oil and gas sector would seem an unlikely match. But behind the curtain, romance could be blooming.
  • Global Renewable Energy Should Triple to Save Climate, UN Panel Says
    The world needs to triple the energy it gets from renewables, nuclear reactors and power plants that use emissions-capture technology to avoid dangerous levels of global warming, United Nations scientists said.
  • Post-Fukushima Japan Taps Coal Over Renewables
    Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is pushing Japan?s coal industry to expand sales at home and abroad, undermining hopes among environmentalists that he?d use the Fukushima nuclear accident to switch the nation to renewables.

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