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  • US Power Grid?s $2 Trillion Upgrade Needs European Efficiency
    A $2 trillion push in the U.S. to blend renewable energy into the power supply and fortify transmission lines against extreme weather means that Americans must act more like Europeans to keep their power costs down.
  • Turning Bakken Oil Well Waste Water Into Clean Geothermal Power
    Oil fracking companies seeking to improve their image and pull in a little extra cash are turning their waste water into clean geothermal power.
  • Represent Renewables: One Week Left to Enter PEI's EMEA Project of the Year A...
    Power Engineering International has launched the EMEA Projects of the Year, which will seek to highlight the best in power plant construction across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Hosted by Power Engineering International, the awards will be presented at the Gala VIP Dinner at POWER-GEN Europe in Amsterdam on the evening of Tuesday, June 9. Th
  • Egypt?s Renewable FIT Program Gains Traction
    The Government of Egypt has said that it must invest US$12 billion in the electricity sector over the next five years in order to meet that country?s urgent electricity demands ? and renewable energy will be a key component.
  • Renewables Account for 75 Percent of New US Generating Capacity in First Quar...
    According to the latest "Energy Infrastructure Update" report from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's (FERC) Office of Energy Projects, wind, solar, geothermal, and hydropower combined provided over 75 percent (75.43 percent) of the 1,229 megawatts (MW) of new U.S. electrical generating capacity placed into service during the first quarter of 2015. The balance (302 MW) was provided by natural gas.
  • Using Geothermal Solutions to Desalinate Oil Field Water
    Clean water ? it?s a precious resource in hot demand right now, for more than taking a shower or watering our crops. The United Nations projects the world?s population will grow by another billion people, to 8.4 Billion, by 2030. More people means more need for food, water, electricity, and other necessities. Beyond the obvious demands for water, our increasing appetite for electricity also requires water ? and plenty of it. Most of the electricity generated in the U.S. uses water in some capacity.
  • Geothermal Earth Day Visual: Shaping Environmental Solutions
    Earth day 2015 is an important point in history for the environment. Members of Congress voted to recognize that climate change is real, and President Obama announced goals to cut emissions by nearly a third over the next decade. The choices made by U.S. and international communities now will shape the way we use energy in the future. Geothermal en
  • Azerbaijan Focuses on Alternative Energy Development to Increase Fossil Fuel ...
    Azerbaijan in coming years will focus on the development of renewable energy, as it will let the country to boost oil and gas exports, according to the deputy head of the Agency for Alternative and Renewable Energy (AFARE) of Azerbaijan Jamil Melikov.
  • Experts Agree: We Can Preserve Electric Reliability and Protect Public Health...
    Last June, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed the first ever national carbon pollution standards for existing power plants. Fossil fuel-fired power plants account for almost 40% of U.S. carbon dioxide emissions, making them the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the nation and one of the single largest categories of greenhouse gas sources in the world.
  • Australia?s Biggest Power Producer Sees Future without Coal
    Australia?s largest electricity producer committed to close its coal-fired power plants within 35 years as part of an effort to cut the nation?s dependence on the fossil fuel.
  • Negotiating the Energy Balance in the Caribbean
    Reflecting the azure skies of the Caribbean, solar panels on private houses, hotels and businesses are an increasingly common sight across all the islands. Many Caribbean customers are seeking a degree of energy independence, which is not surprising given that many pay five or six times as much for their grid-provided electricity than their neighbours in mainland USA.
  • Fossil Fuels Just Lost the Race Against Renewables
    The race for renewable energy has passed a turning point. The world is now adding more capacity for renewable power each year than coal, natural gas, and oil combined. And there's no going back.
  • The Dark Horse in the Global Solar Race: India?s 100-GW Solar Ambition
    A "dark horse" is defined as a little-known entity that emerges to prominence in the face of competition ? a contestant that seems unlikely to succeed. I borrow the term from a conversation last week, wherein India was referred to as the dark horse in the global race to go solar.

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