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  • California?s Reserve Fund Won?t Lift the Financing Boot from PACE?s Neck
    Earlier this year, the state of California announced a $10 million loan-loss reserve to solve the Federal Housing Finance Agency?s severe restrictions on using property-tax based financing for energy efficiency and renewable energy on residential property. It?s a great concept, but evidence from on of California?s best property assessed clean energ
  • Shining a Light on Women Leaders in the Power Industry
    In early 2013, a group of women, dubbed the Women in Power committee, assembled in Orlando, Florida to figure out how to honor women who have dedicated their careers to the power industry. The industry is male-dominated with men making up more than 75 percent of the workforce, according to estimates.
  • Why Geothermal Heat Pumps Should be a Carbon Reduction Tool for Coal Plants
    The Geothermal Exchange Organization (GEO) is seeking a partnership with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to cut pollution that degrades our health and contributes to climate change. On Nov. 4, GEO submitted comments to EPA urging that renewable thermal energy and geothermal heat pumps be recognized in its proposed rulemaking under Section 111(d) of the U.S. Clean Air Act to cut carbon pollution from existing power plants. The proposed rule allows flexibility in meeting the agency?s desired emissions reductions across the nation, including renewable energy and energy efficiency.
  • The 51st State Forum Is Now Open ? Share Your Ideal Energy Market
    Innovators are, almost by nature, impatient people. What?s here and now is never good enough; they must tinker with it, always looking ahead to how they would do it differently or better.  So, when the first articles appeared about the Solar Electric Power Association?s 51st State Initiative on clean tech websites, including
  • France Ploughs Ahead with Renewable Energy While Australia Scales Back Clean ...
    While France has set ambitious targets to increase the share of renewables in its total energy consumption, Australia has taken a contrasting approach by repealing its 2011 Clean Energy Act, which established the carbon pricing mechanism, according to Pranav Srivastava, an analyst with research and consulting firm GlobalData.
  • Obama to Pledge $3 Billion for Climate Change Fund
    President Barack Obama will pledge $3 billion to a United Nations climate-change fund that?s intended to help poor nations boost renewable energy and counter the ill effects of global warming.
  • Peru to Unveil Plans for Renewable Power Auction
    Peru?s government is set to announce plans for a renewable-energy auction during a global climate conference to be held next month in Lima.
  • Africa Opens Its First Geothermal Energy Research Center for Workforce Develo...
    Africa is set to open its first ever-geothermal energy research centre at the Dedan Kimathi University of Science and Technology (DeKUT) in Kenya. As interest in the African geothermal market grows, the region is now focused on building a strong workforce to spur exploration and development of the increasingly important source of renewable energy.
  • DOE Loan Guarantee Program Vilified by Republicans Turns a Profit
    The U.S. expects to earn $5 billion to $6 billion from a federal loan program, bolstering President Barack Obama?s decision to back low-carbon technologies.
  • IEA World Forecast: Stresses on Energy System Must Not Be Ignored
    The world?s decision-makers must not let current events distract them from recognizing and addressing the longer-term signs of stress that are emerging in the global energy system, the International Energy Agency (IEA) warned today at the launch of its annual World Energy Outlook 2014 report in London.
  • Carbon Breakthrough: US, China Make Milestone Agreement to Fight Climate Change
    President Barack Obama pledged deeper U.S. cuts in greenhouse-gas emissions and China will for the first time set a target for capping carbon emissions under an agreement between the world?s two biggest economies.
  • Fossil Fuels Reap $550 Billion in Subsidies, Hindering Renewables Investment
    Fossil fuels are reaping $550 billion a year in subsidies and holding back investment in cleaner forms of energy, the International Energy Agency said.
  • Moving Beyond Utility 2.0, To Energy Democracy
    The transformation taking place in the electricity system is enormous, and the prescribed solution ? a version 2.0 electric utility ? offers a way for utilities to  remain financially solvent, even profitable, in a massively decentralized and renewable energy system. The prescription is powerful: radically change the desired outcomes of the electri

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