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  • The 51st State: What?s Your Ideal Energy Market?
    Imagine a place where there is no electricity market. No rules, no policies, no market. A clean slate. This is what the Solar Energy Power Association (SEPA) calls the 51st State, a new initiative to get people to think outside the box when it comes to utility design and infrastructure.
  • New Poll: New Yorkers Overwhelmingly Support Fracking Moratorium ? And Clean ...
    Last month, NRDC engaged a nationally recognized opinion research firm to conduct polling in New York State to evaluate public attitudes about fracking and clean energy. Importantly, this is the first statewide poll in at least two years ? and perhaps ever ? to directly ask residents their views of the now six-year-old de facto moratorium on fracking.
  • European Commission Studies Renewable Costs
    New analysis commissioned by the European Commission concludes that renewables such as onshore wind and solar PV are close to that of conventional technologies like coal, gas and nuclear in terms of costs and subsidy levels.
  • UK Green Bank Set to Draw Offshore Wind Investors to $1.6 Billion Fund
    The U.K. Green Investment Bank is set to tie up the first investments in a $1.6 billion fund by the end of March, part of Britain?s push to cement its dominance in offshore wind power.
  • Germany?s Clean Electricity Costs Decline for First Time
    German electricity consumers will for the first time see a drop in the fee added to their bills to fund renewables, a boost for Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has pledged to curb the cost for voters.
  • We Can Do Better: The Unintended Consequences of EPA?s ?Clean Power Plan?
    Most people agree that it is time to seriously reduce global emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG).  EPA is actually required by law to reduce power and industrial GHG emissions in the U.S., and they certainly deserve an ?E? for effort so far.  But effort without good outcomes doesn?t really count.  Sadly, the EPA?s rule as proposed would create unin
  • How One Utility Enlisted Geothermal Cooling to Reduce Peak Electric Demand an...
    On July 1st, 2014, PSEG Long Island released its Utility 2.0 Long Range Plan. This plan is on the leading edge of New York?s ?Reforming the Energy Vision? (REV) proceeding. REV is a process through which the NYS Public Service Commission is defining the utility of the future ? one that meets customers? and society?s evolving needs by making efficient use of distributed energy resources (DER). The REV defines DERs to include energy efficiency, demand response and distributed generation.
  • Latin America Report: 7 Renewable Energy Stories Worth Reading
    The renewable energy market is fast-paced and growing with each passing day. It?s hard to keep up with every industry announcement and insight, so we decided to highlight interesting developments that took place during the past few weeks, and some valuable insights that are worth revisiting.
  • Local, Lower Prices, 33 Percent Renewable ? Sonoma Clean (Community) Power Ha...
    Starting this May, 20,000 Sonoma County, CA, electricity customers are getting renewable power at a lower cost than from their previous electric utility, Pacific Gas & Electric. The portion of renewable electricity (?CleanStart?) for the average customer will rise by 50 percent. For those so motivated ? 3 percent of customers already ? it?s also po
  • EU Nations Mull Funds to Aid Clean Energy in 2030 Climate Deal
    European Union governments are considering the use of carbon-permit funds to help finance clean technologies and spur poorer nations toward a low-carbon economy under a planned deal on 2030 climate and energy policies.
  • Electrifying Keyna: How One African Country is Approaching Renewable Energy D...
    Kenya?s renewable energy ambitions have attracted growing attention in recent months. There has been a strong uptick in interest in the country?s wind energy potential in particular. Last year, Kenya?s Ministry of Energy and Petroleum said in an investment prospectus for 2013-2016 that it plans to boost wind power generation by 630 MW as part of its target to increase electricity levels by 5,000 MW by 2016. In March, the Kenyan government also signed a financing document for the largest private investment in Kenya.
  • Ten Clean Energy Stocks for 2014: September Swoon
    Worries including the conflict with ISIL, Ebola, and economic slow-down in Europe, sent the stock market down in the month to October 3rd, with small cap stocks and clean energy stocks falling even farther than the large cap S&P 500.
  • KenGen Plans Joint Ventures for Kenyan Geothermal Power Projects
    Kenya Electricity Generating Co., the East African nation?s biggest power producer, plans joint ventures to complete its geothermal projects in Olkaria, Chief Executive Officer Albert Mugo said.

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