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  • SunEdison Wins Big in Two Indian States
    SunEdison has just made back-to-back announcements of large solar project wins in India, a 5 GW MOU from the Rajasthan State government, and a 150 MW award from Karnataka Renewable Energy Development.
  • SolarWorld Boosts Manufacturing in Oregon
    U.S. solar panel industry leader SolarWorld today announced plans to increase capacity from 380 MW to 530 MW, and to boost advanced cell manufacturing capacity at its Hillsboro, Oregon plant by 100 MW, adding 200 jobs at the location, which will grow to 900 employees. The Bonn-based company also manufactures in the German cities of Freiberg and Arnstadt. ?The factory will remain the largest of its kind in the Western Hemisphere. The company views this expansion as a stepping-stone to 630 MW capacity in the near future,? SolarWorld said.
  • German Experts Lock Horns over Storage
    Until recently, the going orthodoxy among supporters of Germany?s Energiewende, or clean energy transition, was that storage capacity for electricity was vital to expanding renewables in Germany?s power supply.
  • Could the Upcoming Election Decide Florida?s Renewable Energy Fate?
    As gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist noted in the recent debate, the corrupting influence of Florida?s electric utilities has blocked efforts to help Florida transition into a fair and free-market renewable energy economy. The impact of this powerful fossil fuel lobby has been demonstrated as they funnel resources to influence the outcome of the Florida governor?s race. Renewable energy, in particular solar energy, will without a doubt have a significantly positive economic impact on Florida?s natural and economic environment. But the first step for the Sunshine State is a changing of the guard in the executive office.
  • Part 2: SPI 2014 Solar Event Marketing Hits and Misses
    In part 2 of my annual solar event marketing hits and misses, we?ll explore some more specific hits and misses that I found on the Las Vegas SPI show floor. First of all, although final numbers haven?t been released, SPI 2014 seemed to be very well attended. The floor looked crowded and exhibitors that I talked to said that booth traffic was much i
  • Are Environmental Regulations Causing US Utility Bills to Surge?
    U.S. electricity markets face years of higher prices as clean-air regulations shut more coal-fired power plants than earlier forecast, cutting supply and forcing producers to rely more on natural gas.
  • Poor Nations Go for Solar, Wind at Twice the Pace of Rich Ones
    Emerging markets are installing renewable energy projects at almost twice the rate of developed nations, a report concluded.
  • China Racing To Install Wind Power Before Government Subsidies Run Out
    China is on course this year to build four times the total wind power installed in all of Denmark as developers push to build the turbines ahead of cuts to incentives originally designed to spur the industry.
  • How the Right Kind of Electric Utility Can Increase Solar Energy and Jobs
    You expect to hear solar electricity success stories from places like Austin and Sacramento, but San Antonio? San Antonio's municipal electric utility was seriously considering expanding a nuclear power plant.
  • From Ashes to Energy: $1 Billion Alevo Battery Factory Surges On the Scene
    Having worked in stealth mode for the past 10 years, German researchers and serial entrepreneur Jostein Eikeland have developed a new battery chemistry that they claim is non-combustible and highly efficient. The batteries, say Alevo, have at their core a new inorganic electrolyte that eliminates ?both the risk of combustion and explosion and massively reduces the debilitating effects of charging cycles.?
  • US Solar Boom Boosts European Manufacturers REC and Solarworld
    Solarworld AG and REC Solar ASA are benefiting from a boom in solar-energy installations in the U.S. that outweigh a decline in their European home markets.
  • Making the Blade Photoessay: How and Where Wind Turbines Get Their Swoosh
    An industrial wind turbine is a complex machine made up of hundreds of moving parts, but it takes just three of them to make the magic possible: the blades.
  • Why Is an Island Electric Utility Hindering Incredibly Cost-Effective Solar?
    The Northern Mariana Islands are one of several island U.S. territories, lying three-quarters of the way from Hawai?i to the Philippines. Like most islands, their electricity supply has been almost entirely supplied by diesel-fueled generators, at enormous cost. So why have islanders in the Marianas ? such as the residents of Saipan ? been struggli

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