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  • Innovation and Investment Drive Wind Power Industry
    New investment vehicles are making it easier for renewable energy developers to attract financing. While banking appetite may vary, institutional investors offer tremendous liquidity. Historically, yield has been relatively thin and institutional investors tended to shy away from the energy sector. Recently, greater market liquidity has attracted greater interest among investors ? and new instruments are being devised to attract new investor classes to the energy finance market.
  • A 2014 Solar Industry Thanksgiving
    There?s plenty to complain about in our solar world, but I?d like right now to take a few paragraphs to say what I?m personally thankful for in our solar industry. First, I?m thankful for every individual, business, and organization that?s gone solar this year and in years past. As much as the solar industry has grown, these people are still the ea
  • A Big Change in How the IEA Views Renewables
    The future is tough to predict. The International Energy Agency recently came out with its World Energy Outlook 2014, a comprehensive analysis of global energy demand and the underlying supply mix through 2040. Along with BP?s annual forecast, it is one of the most authoritative documents of its kind. But even the IEA can miss a trend. In the 2014
  • Investing in Innovative Ideas for a Clean Energy Future
    The clean energy revolution is now, and the U.S. Energy Department is stepping up its commitment to help innovators commercialize their best ideas. At the recent Industry Growth Forum (IGF) in Denver, Colorado, Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy David Danielson announced the new Lab-Corps program to accelerate the transfer of clean energy technologies from the national laboratories to the marketplace, so that game-changing innovations don't languish for lack of money and equipment.
  • SunEdison Targets Brazil with $30 Million Solar Module Plant
    SunEdison Inc., a U.S. developer and polysilicon supplier, is expanding in Brazil where demand for renewable power is expected to be a key driver of growth.
  • US Planning Largest Wind-Energy Auction Off Massachusetts
    The U.S. Interior Department is planning the nation?s largest competitive auction for offshore wind projects, 742,000 acres off Massachusetts that may generate as much as 5 gigawatts of electricity.
  • What Game Theory Can Tell Us about Middle Market, Commercial and Industrial S...
    The decisions made along the path of solar project finance and development have major implications for the growth ? or stagnation ? of the commercial and industrial solar market.  How does a developer choose the right financier for their project, or an investor decide to interact during contract negotiations? Together, what impacts do these decisio
  • A New Way To Finance Solar and Storage: The LOPPA
    Solar and energy storage will increasingly be integrated together at commercial sites, homes and microgrids. But to be honest, they are an odd couple with very different personalities. Solar is passive: solar modules are typically planted in a fixed position to generate power for 20 or 30 years. You have to hose them off occasionally, but active ma
  • Innovation, Progress and Scale: Introducing the 2014 Project of the Year Awar...
    This year?s Project of the Year Award finalists truly represent the evolving energy landscape and exciting global efforts to transition to a cleaner, renewable future. The five projects vying for the Renewable Energy Project of the Year crown include a wide range of innovative technologies from coal-to-biomass conversion to concentrating solar power.
  • Wind Energy Provides More Than Two-Thirds of New US Generating Capacity in Oc...
    According to the latest "Energy Infrastructure Update" report from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's (FERC) Office of Energy Projects, wind power provided over two-thirds (68.41 percent) of new U.S. electrical generating capacity in October 2014. Specifically, five wind farms in Colorado, Kansas, Michigan, Nebraska, and Texas came on line last month, accounting for 574 MW of new capacity.
  • Renewable YieldCo Pricing Less Irrational, But Plenty of Opportunity Left
    Yieldcos are companies which own clean energy assets and use the cash flows from them to deliver a high level of current dividend yield and (in some cases) the promise of significant dividend growth. Investors like them because yield is scarce in the current low interest rate environment.
  • Community Solar Prices at All-Time Low
    It?s been widely publicized that the cost of residential solar electric systems in the United States is falling faster than ever before. This downward pricing trend is projected to continue through 2016 and then stabilize, according to a September 2014 report compiled by researchers from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and the Lawre
  • Biofuel & Biomaterial Crops: We Might Be Doing It Wrong
    As I was recently dulling blades while chopping switchgrass for some experiments, I started thinking whether the ?high yield perennial grasses on marginal land? paradigm makes any sense for biofuels. There are many positives about using perennial grasses. They are low maintenance, high yield, require low additional nutrients, and have broad growing ranges.

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