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  • Latest US Offshore Wind Auction Draws Few Bidders
    The U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management held its fourth offshore wind lease auction yesterday, but unlike the action seen in auctions past, the event was much more subdued. The auction consisted of a massive parcel of land ? 742,000 acres, divided into four parcels ? off the coast of Massachusetts near the island of Martha?s Vineyard.
  • Solar Partnership Generates Cash, Credibility for Community Groups
    Community groups and businesses that value environmental stewardship are building their reputation and earning cash through a unique partner program. Clean Energy Collective (CEC), a community solar developer with projects in eight states, is building a nationwide network of partners that aspire to make the world a cleaner, more sustainable place f
  • Seven Reasons Cheap Oil Can't Stop Renewables Now
    Oil prices have fallen by more than half since July. Just five years ago, such a plunge in fossil fuels would have put the renewable-energy industry on bankruptcy watch. Today: Meh.
  • US Solar Manufacturing Rising on the Horizon
    By the end of 2014, solar deployment is slated to be up nearly 40 percent over 2013. Today, the booming demand for solar energy supports more than 173,000 jobs and the U.S. has become the third largest solar market in the world. You can find solar energy atop your neighborhood big box store, powering a Las Vegas casino, in the middle of the desert, or on your own roof.
  • ?Solar Super Bowl? Highlights Importance of Renewable Energy
    No matter who you?re rooting for in this weekend?s Super Bowl, solar energy is going to come out on the winning side. For the fourth time in just three years, a major professional sports championship will be decided on Sunday by teams which have invested significantly in clean, dependable solar energy, according to a new, first-of-its-kind analysis
  • What Solar Marketers Can Learn from Tesla?s ?Insane? Mode
    Tesla gets enough press attention, so I?ve never written about them as a topic for solar marketing. Then I learned about Tesla?s ?Insane Mode,? and I couldn?t resist writing about it ? not from a gee-whiz automotive technology perspective, but from a solar marketing perspective. So, what exactly is ?Insane" mode? It?s a touch screen button on the d
  • Listen Up: Ten Predictions for Rooftop Solar in 2015
    We're in the middle of winter. But pretty soon the rain will stop, the snow will melt, the home and garden shows will gear up and solar customers will start to plan their investments for the year. At the same time, solar companies of all sizes will remind their customers that the tax credits are going away and they better "buy now" to lock in pricing at these low rates.
  • Efficiency Is Not Effectiveness: How the Cost Reduction Race Hurts the Value ...
    Australia boasts solar installations on at least 1.2 million homes and has on of the highest amount of installed residential solar per-capita in the world. According to recent figures, a new household PV system was installed every 2.8 minutes in 2014.
  • NRG Energy to Build Community Solar Projects in Colorado
    NRG Energy Inc. will finance and build one of the nation?s largest community solar networks in Colorado as part of the company?s push into renewable energy.
  • Can Utility Regulators Provide Leadership on Distributed Renewable Energy?
    If you?re like most renewable energy advocates that have interacted with a Public Utilities Commission, you probably don?t think they?re a repository of progressive policy toward distributed renewable energy.  In general, you?re right. But it?s worth sharing a few, promising examples of Public Utilities Commissions around the U.S. that are actually
  • Solar Outlook 2015: Still Growing, But No Longer Energy?s Young Kid
    As journalists we tend to be on high alert for danger signs. Based on what we write, readers might be under the impression that trouble is brewing for solar. Florida killed its rebate! Wisconsin is taxing solar! The federal investment tax credit is shrinking!
  • Demand Response: A Valuable Tool that Can Help California Realize its Clean E...
    A tool only has value if it?s used. For example, you could be the sort of person who?s set a goal of wanting to exercise more. If someone gives you a nifty little Fitbit to help you do that, and you never open the box, how useful, then, is this little device? The same is true about smart energy management solutions: good tools exist, but whether it?s calories or energy use that you want to cut, at some point those helpful devices need to be unpacked.
  • Distributed Bulk Storage: Is This the New Shape of the Grid?
    Central versus distributed storage has been an ongoing debate. Each has its pros and cons. There are instances where the advantage of one over the other is obvious ? such as central bulk storage at geological sites where caverns or water reservoirs with different elevations are almost readily available. The real question is: which one would the mar

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