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  • Will States Take Over Demand Response Markets in the US?
    How will demand response (DR) be compensated in wholesale energy markets under NY?s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) initiative in the wake of the DC Circuit Court?s decision vacating Order 745, and how will the bulk system respond to cuts in peak demand with the growth of distributed energy generation (DEG)? How will FERC?s role change as regulat
  • IKEA To Start Selling Solar Panels In Switzerland
    IKEA has been selling solar panels produced by Hanergy in the UK and the Netherlands. IKEA and Hanergy just announced that they are expanding this partnership into Switzerland. Today, the residential solar panel offering was launched in Spreitenbach, Switzerland. The solar panels have a low price of CHF 7,650 ($7,937), while the average price for a
  • This Week's Vote Secures Minneapolis' Title as Climate Champion
    In August 2013, Minneapolis (MN) was in the news for considering a take-over of its energy utilities. Today, they're back in the news for supporting a first-in-the-nation clean energy partnership with those same utilities and a pioneering effort to bring more local input into the city's energy future. It's been a whirlwind week. On Monday, the city
  • Promoting a Plug-and-Play CHP Solution: NYSERDA?s CHP Acceleration Program
    The NYSERDA CHP Acceleration Program is structured to drive market transformation by endorsing commercially available, pre-engineered/pre-packaged, modular combined-heat-and-power (CHP) products as plug-and-play appliances and provide all of the ease and assurances that conveys. By developing a comprehensive program that offers a catalog of pre-app
  • U.S. Solar Installations Soar in Q3; Total Capacity Hits 17.5 GW
    Any way you look at it, the sun continues to shine brightly on America?s solar energy industry. Maintaining its vibrant growth, the United States installed 1,354 megawatts (MW) of solar photovoltaics (PV) in Q3 2014, up 41 percent over the same period last year. The numbers come from the latest edition of GTM Research and the Solar Energy Industrie
  • The Winning Solar Sales Tip from OnGrid?s SPI Contest Might Surprise You
    As recently featured in Solar Fred?s blog, OnGrid asked SPI attendees who sell solar to share their best tips for ?selling more solar to happier customers?. We then asked 500 PV professionals to vote for the best of the best. We expected one of the many tips emphasizing integrity and straight talk to win. But surprisingly, the winning tip was about
  • Renewable Energy World LIVE - 2014 Edition - Starts Now
    Renewable energy stakeholders from all across the world, representing all facets of the industry, have gathered Orlando, Fla. for one of the best all-inclusive renewable energy events of the year. Renewable Energy World Conference and Expo North America, co-located with POWER-GEN International, Nuclear Power International and the Financial Forum are convening for Power Generation Week, an action-packed five days complete with educational sessions, technical tours, workshops, award ceremonies, keynote addresses, networking breakfasts, parties and so much more.
  • A ?Business? Model for Expanding Renewable Energy: The New Mexico Production ...
    The State of New Mexico now has a total renewable generation capacity that is over 1 million kilowatts. This huge milestone for renewable energy in New Mexico would have not been realized so soon without the NM Renewable Energy Production Tax Credit (REPTC). The REPTC is not just a credit on taxes owed, it is a refundable credit and can be allocate
  • A $6 Billion Opportunity for Rural Electric Cooperatives to Lead on Clean Energy
    Last week I asked why rural electric cooperatives haven't been leaders on renewable energy. This week, I explain a $6 billion opportunity they can seize to take leadership. One of the biggest barriers to making investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy is the upfront cost. So what if members of rural electric cooperative and rural munic
  • Leaked Internal Presentation Details the Oil Industry's Campaign to Stop Clea...
    The Western States Petroleum Association (WSPA) ? whose members include Chevron, ExxonMobil, Shell, ConocoPhillips, BP, and others ? was caught red-handed late last month when a leaked internal presentation revealed a coordinated campaign to stomp out climate and clean energy progress in California, Oregon and Washington by propping up over 15 front groups that purport to represent the views of concerned citizens and the broader business community.
  • Why Aren?t Rural Electric Cooperatives Champions of Local Clean Power?
    When it comes to ownership, there are few better structures for keeping a community?s wealth local than a cooperative. So why is it that America?s rural electric cooperatives are tethered to dirty, old coal-fired power plants instead of local-wealth generating renewable power? There are a lot of answers to this question, but it might start with thi
  • What a Thoughtful Idea! Renewable Energy Gift-giving for the Holidays
    It?s that time of year again. Are you prepared for the gift giving season?  In case you need some extra help, we here at (REW) wanted to give you some ideas for holiday gifts that you might not have thought of yourself. Below please find some ideas to inspire you to give the gift of renewables. Disclaimer: Part of this list
  • A Big Change in How the IEA Views Renewables
    The future is tough to predict. The International Energy Agency recently came out with its World Energy Outlook 2014, a comprehensive analysis of global energy demand and the underlying supply mix through 2040. Along with BP?s annual forecast, it is one of the most authoritative documents of its kind. But even the IEA can miss a trend. In the 2014

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