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  • European Commission Unveils Draft Energy Strategy
    The European Commission has unveiled ?A Framework Strategy for a Resilient Energy Union with a Forward-Looking Climate Change Policy,? which is a key plank in the development of its plans for Europe?s energy sector through 2030.
  • Clean Energy Is Just Smart Business for Leaders like Apple and Google
    Apple and Google have changed our lives forever, both because of their technological innovations and sheer size as global corporations. Now, they?re aiming to reshape the energy landscape.
  • Wave and Tidal Energy in 2015: Finally Emerging from the Labs
    Technologies to harness wave and tidal power have been under development for over 40 years, but up until quite recently the center of technology development has been in Europe, where the resource intensity is greater than the United States? coasts. However, in an effort to nurture the country?s sector, the U.S. Department of Energy?s Water Power Program has invested in a broad portfolio of technologies and Alison Labonte, DOE Marine and Hydrokinetic Technology Manager, revealed that it has recently increased its focus on ?innovative, game changing technologies that utilize the most abundant marine resources and that have the greatest potential for achieving economic viability.?
  • Harvard?s Star Alumni Urge Week of Fossil Fuel Protests
    Actress Natalie Portman, environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and other high-profile Harvard University alumni are calling for demonstrations to urge divestment from fossil fuels.
  • Geothermal Visual: Capacity Factors for Assorted Energy Systems
    ?Capacity factor? refers to a measure of actual output over a period of time. Capacity factors for various types of energy systems, as recorded by DOE and NREL, are given in the visual above. The capacity factor of geothermal power facilities is very efficient and is usually at or above 90 percent. This is on par with or higher than other baseload
  • Renewable Energy Roundtable: Production and Investment Tax Policy to be a Top...
    The renewable energy industry has come a long way in relatively little time. The costs of renewable technologies continue to go down, while renewable capacities at many utilities continue to go up. Although, in many cases, renewable technology is mature and ready for utility-scale deployment, state and federal production and investment tax policies appear less evolved.
  • Geothermal Saves Kenya $24 Million of Fuel Monthly, Says KenGen
    New power-generating units at Kenya?s Olkaria I plant are saving East Africa?s biggest economy about 2.2 billion shillings ($24 million) a month on fuel costs, according to the country?s biggest electricity producer.
  • Protecting Workers and Communities During the Clean Energy Transition
    When I worked at the New York Attorney General's Office, we sued coal-fired power plants because their air pollution was making people sick. But in some towns, I saw that the reliance on coal really had people in a bind. The coal plant was making them sick, but it was also a major tax generator for the town. If the plant closed, the town might have to lay off teachers and cops, in addition to losing the plant jobs.
  • India Renewables Boom Aided by International Funds
    India said cheaper credit along with foreign investment will help the world?s third-largest polluter fund an ambitious renewable energy program that would build green power plants faster than China.
  • Will Lower Oil Prices Dampen the Mining Industry?s Appetite for Renewables?
    For many mining companies, the rallying cry for investigating solar or wind energy options has been that the price of oil and other conventional fuels is too high ? and will almost certainly rise over time. Now, though, with oil prices having taken a dramatic nosedive, this argument no longer packs quite the same punch that it once did.
  • Reports Clash Over Concerns about the US EPA Clean Power Plan
    Last year the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed its aggressive Clean Power Plan (CPP), which calls to reduce carbon emissions 30 percent by 2030 over 2005 levels. States are required to submit reduction plans that can include increasing renewables, efficiency, and cap and trade programs by June 2016.
  • 2015: The Clean Economy?s Watershed Year?
    In a crammed Washington conference room last week, speaker after speaker seemed to apologize for their ?broken record? talking points as Bloomberg New Energy Finance and the Business Council for Sustainable Energy unveiled their annual Factbook. But, of course, they were only being honest ? like 2013 before it, 2014 had been an unprecedented year for clean energy.
  • Enel Putting Final Touches on Yieldco for US Renewable Assets
    Enel SpA is putting the final touches on a yieldco that would hold its U.S. renewable energy assets, making it the latest power-plant owner to opt for a structure that frees up capital.

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